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Founded in 1956, Polyflon is focused on providing products and solutions to the RF and microwave industries. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality with on-time delivery places us among the most respected suppliers in the industry.

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January 2, 2019
As we continue to strive to improve our Customer delivery and quality performance, we are pleased to share with you that our Polyflon operation (previously located in Norwalk, CT) has been relocated to Crane’s existing West Caldwell NJ site.    The 70,000 sq. ft.  West Caldwell site is a world class electronic and PWB aerospace and defense manufacturing facility located 70 miles southwest of the Polyflon Norwalk site.   By combining the Norwalk and West Caldwell teams, we leverage a combined staff of 150 highly qualified Engineers, Quality and Manufacturing personnel with an average of over 15 years’ experience.  With this optimized team, Crane Aerospace & Electronics will continue to drive excellence and process control required for the design and manufacturing of Polyflon and West Caldwell products.   To support the transition, a significant capital investment was made to optimize and modernize Polyflon’s processes. The Crane Aerospace & Electronics team is excited about this investment in the future.

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